my face is numb from the dentist 2 days

18. prosince 2011 v 20:21

Ew. Latex dentist gloves smell bad. And what's with that crap on my lip? What did the dentist do to me?
Yes, there is not reason you can not eat after a "deep cleaning"`. Only real concern would be if your tongue or lip is numb to be careful not to bite them.
After going to the dentist today the whole side of my left face is so so so numb, very irritating,
It feels weird when it gets numb and tingles. Feels like i just got numb from the dentist..and i havent been to the dentist in 6 months. My upper lip doesnt fee
Lately the right side of my face has been going numb.I can move it and still make expressions but it feels like pins and needles. Like when your foot falls asleep .
anonymous: Tingling of the face. i feel weak.i feel weird in the head.
My 4 wisdom teeth we're removed 4

my face is numb from the dentist 2 days

dys ago,my face is still swollen & numb.What can I do 4 the swelling?
I have been having problem with a tooth that broke off for awhile now it was a lower molar on my right side i was in so much pain and had attempted to go to my .
The left side of face numb my face is numb from the dentist 2 days 2 days ago went away after 15 minutes, today right side of stomach numb and cold to the touch went aw
Can stress make your face feeling numb? How long for numb feeling to go away after finger surgery? Is it normal to have a numb feeling in abdomen while pregnant?
So on the day of my dentist appointment, I had a cavity filled between my front tooth and the left of that. Later that day, the numbness started to wear down just a .
anonymous: I had a root canal done on an upper right tooth on 12/06. It was very infected and the dentist couldnt get me numb and I felt the whole root canal process.
Ask a doctor about the left side of my face goes numb all the time my doctor, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, questions and answers, health articles, doctors, health .

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